The Best Fleshlights for Big, Incredible Orgasms

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As far as we’re concerned at ReFlesher, every Fleshlight sleeve is a guaranteed nut-buster – but every dick is different, and we believe some sleeves work better at milking you.

Qualities like texturing, Tightness, Suction, and of course how much lube you use can greatly affect your climax. Also, if you’re plugging away at your Fleshlight several times a day, the quality of your Orgasm will surely diminish.

Experience will also show you that the sleeve is less important than you and your mindset. Even the most incredible experience grows old after a while, and you will notice that it is not the same every time. It’s why Fleshlight keeps adding sleeves: you get to enjoy the experience of having “something different” any time you want.

Check out our picks for Fleshlight’s top soul-stealing sleeves below.

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